Would You Like to Increase Your Productivity at work? Here’s How!


In today’s busy world full of distractions, traffic jams and office issues, we are left with so few hours in a day to get things done properly.  Here are some ways that you can improve your productivity at work by worker smarter and not harder.

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Why Is It So Important to Deal with Stress?


There are two kinds of stress in the world – the good and the bad.  When you let the bad kind of stress take over, you put yourself at risk of developing a range of illnesses which include anything from the common cold to severe heart disease.

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Tips to get the best out of your staff


If you are a business owner, you know that an important part of the business is the people who work there.  If they are not happy, your business will not succeed in the way it could.  Here are a few things we think will help you run your office smoothly.

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Broken telephone can slow down your company’s growth

company growth

Do you recall playing broken telephone as a child? The teacher would start by whispering a sentence to someone, and we would go around the room repeating the sentence to our neighbor. The last person would say out loud what they heard, and then we would compare to the sentence that the teacher started with. More often than not, the sentence at the end wasn’t even close to what the teacher started with.

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What you need to include in your budget


When you are planning for your business’s future, many people forget to make a plan for funds. Budgeting has been proven to be the most effective way for you to control your cash, which allows you to invest, spend and grow your business.

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5 benefits of using a co-working space


In the business world today, you can see a definite increase in the amount of freelancers, contract workers and “work-from-home” people.  To help these individuals succeed, other bright minds came up with the idea of co-working spaces.

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Our top 3 best online storage sites

online storage

Do you remember the days of backing up your files onto a CD to keep them safe in case anything happens to your PC.  Or perhaps you used to email yourself files to finish documents at home to meet a crazy deadline?  Those days of frustration are all gone.  Thanks to technology and some amazing minds we now have cloud storage and file syncing.  If you don’t know what this is all about – your life and the way you deal with your online data and documents is going to change!

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Top Tips for Saving in Summer


The winter chill has finally left the air and summer has come to warm our hearts and homes.  However, summer can be an expensive time of year.  Here are our top tips for saving money this summer.

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