Tips to get the best out of your staff


If you are a business owner, you know that an important part of the business is the people who work there.  If they are not happy, your business will not succeed in the way it could.  Here are a few things we think will help you run your office smoothly.

You need to understand that each employee is different.

We live in a multicultural world and no two people have had the same upbringing.  By understanding this one fact, you will be able to identify each employee as a unique individual.  Try and make a point to realize the diversity of your staff, by realizing the different needs, requirements and expectations is one of the first steps in discovering their full potential.

Find out what their expectations are

Communication is vital for any business to succeed.  When someone new comes to the company or is promoted, it is a good idea to lay down your expectations from the get go.  It also helps to hear what their employee expectations are.  This way you open the door for honest and transparent communication.  It will help you avoid any confusion and miscommunication in future.

Reward your employees (and it doesn’t need to be expensive)

When someone exceeds your expectations or excels beyond their current skill set.  Rewards can be a great motivator in the office.  Whether it is a money reward, a day off work or a gift basket to congratulate them, it can boost the morale in the office.

Discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Not everyone is perfect.  Some people are strong in some areas while others don’t know which way to go.  By sitting down and doing a complete personal development plan with the employees, you will be able to find out where they are at their strongest.  You may have an assistant who can thrive in the accounting department.  But you won’t be using this skill to your benefit if you don’t find out.

When it comes down to it, managing people within a business is a full day, everyday job.  But start the way you want to end.  Keep your communication honest and transparent.  Keep in mind that everyone is different and work with them on their strengths.  These few things can make your business a success.

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