Would You Like to Increase Your Productivity at work? Here’s How!


In today’s busy world full of distractions, traffic jams and office issues, we are left with so few hours in a day to get things done properly.  Here are some ways that you can improve your productivity at work by worker smarter and not harder.

How much time do you spend on tasks?
Once you start tracking how long you spend on a single task – you will discover exactly where those missing minutes were going.  Simple tasks such as checking email, making coffee or social media can take up a lot of valuable time.

How many breaks do you take a day?
Although some think taking regular breaks may be a time waster – it can work wonders for your concentration level.  Taking regular breaks throughout the day can refresh the mind and body and allow you to concentrate at a much higher level – letting you finish your task quickly.

How many meetings do you attend?
Meetings can be one of the biggest time wasters and concentration breakers in our day.  Next time before you say yes to one of these time wasting meetings – see if you cannot achieve the same goals via phone, email or a web-based meeting.

How many times do you find yourself multitasking?
Many of the times people think multitasking is a great way to be productive and to get more things done.  However, when you share your concentration level across various tasks, the job does not get done properly and you end up getting tired quicker!  Do one thing at a time and do it right the first time.

How to be Proactive, not reactive.
Getting distracted by emails and phone calls is very easy and it will dictate how your day will go and how you will feel.  Have a plan of action for each day and set times aside to check the emails and any emails you may have.  Although you might not be able to stick to your plan of action, it will at least give you a good idea of what is going to happen next.  Also turn off the notifications on your smart devices to give you the peace that you might need to concentrate.

How many deadlines do you set yourself?
Most people think that adding stress to your life is a bad thing, but sometimes (within reason) it can help you be more productive and help you get things done properly.  Start off practicing with small tasks, for instance; emails: give yourself a deadline, you will be surprised to see how fast you work when you are racing against the clock.

How often do you exercise?
Using work time to do a bit of exercise might benefit you even though you will be out of the office.  Getting some fresh air and your blood pumping could be the energy boost that will get the work done!  It could be something simple like taking a walk down the road and back.

How does your office look today?
Some people think a clean modern office is the best thing for concentration because there are less distractions.  Some research shows that having something nice to look at, like a plant or painting, can increase productivity by 15%.  So add a bit of personal flair to your office with some candles, pictures and plants to make it feel more comfortable.

If you feel you are not reaching your full potential with your work hours – it is always a good idea to take a step back, assess the situation and adjust.  Remember to work SMART, not HARD!

What are your best productivity tips? What is your secret to maximizing your own productivity in the office? Let us know!

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