5 Tips to help you de-stress for the holidays


With the end of the year holidays looming around the corner, not everyone is excited.  The gloomy weather and upcoming family visits are just some of the things that can add unnecessary stress.  In the winter season, symptoms of stress and depression may increase due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Whether you are one of the millions who struggle with SAD or the winter blues, here are some tips to help you avoid or alleviate this kind of stress and depression that comes with the holidays.

Keep yourself going.

Cold weather and dark skies can make us lazy and not want to get out of bed or to do anything physical.  This lack of energy can drain your mood – so to avoid this horrible mood draining phenomena, force yourself to get out of the house and to do some kind of exercise that will release the endorphins and boost those energy levels.  So make sure you set some time aside in your day to do some walking or other kinds of aerobic exercise.

Be your own cheerleader.

Be wary of self-critical thoughts that may crop up at the end of a tiresome year.  Sometimes when the dust settles and you are getting nice and relaxed during the holidays, negative thoughts crop up and spoil the mood.  “Another year has gone by, and what difference have you made this year”.  These thoughts can put a serious damper on the good holiday spirit.  This is why you need to keep yourself busy with meeting up with friends, getting out of the house and trying something new.  You need to challenge these negative thoughts, at the beginning of the holidays, take a look at what you accomplished this year.  Even the smallest things count and will help lift your mood!

Make time for yourself

December holidays are always jammed packed with activities.  Whether it is going shopping for gifts, visiting friends and family or entertaining people who have travelled from far, there is one thing you need to remember: It is not selfish to take time out for yourself.  Many people tend to put others before themselves during this time of the year.  Spend some time looking after yourself.  Buy yourself something you’ve been wanting to get for a while, take that drive somewhere special or treat yourself to a special but great dinner and movie.

Watch your diet

Candies, chocolates and cakes are all the range this time of year.  Be wary of what and how much you are eating because even though it will taste great during the moment, it may be more harmful later on.  Increase of sugar from all the great candies will give you a great momentary rush, but the dip afterwards can become exhausting.  Keeping a healthy diet will help you overcome this.

Keep some kind of routine

Whether you are still working part time, or taken full days leave from the office.  Try and keep some routine in your life.  Over sleeping, not leaving the house and not eating at appropriate times will mess up your body’s internal clock.  Keep a good and relaxing routine and then when it comes time to start working again, you will ease back into your work day routine easier.

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