5 Tips on managing deadlines


Being able to keep on top of your deadlines is very important as it is the first step in honing your skills and boosting your OWN productivity in the workplace.  Using self-inflicted deadlines will give you the edge and make you stand out of the crowd.  They will boost your creativity and your energy because you know you only have a certain amount of time to get the job done.

Here are some tips on keeping on top of your deadlines.

Start working as early as possible.

Although most of us wake up too early already.  10-15 minutes earlier will make all the difference.  These extra minutes will give you the time necessary to have a look at what you need to tackle during the day. Knowing what needs to be accomplished will help you prioritize and plan your day efficiently, it will also help you tackle any issues that may come across your desk.

Get that boost of energy!

Have you noticed once you complete a task you have a feeling of complete satisfaction and confidence in yourself?  Keep that boost of energy going and tackle the next task.  To reinforce this feeling of accomplishment, reward yourself with something small – it will make tackling the next task much more appealing.

Complete many tasks at once.

We are not talking about multitasking.  In the beginning of the day, when you are looking at that to-do list, look for things that complement each other.  Looking for the common variables in tasks will help you to complete the tasks quicker.  Also batch your tasks so that they overflow into one another.  Don’t start with a task at point C when you need information from point A to complete it.

Work expands, or contracts

If you give yourself 2 hours to complete a task that you can finish in half an hour – you will normally take up the allotted 2 hours to complete it.  Instead challenge yourself to complete the job in a quicker time period.  By doing this you will focus all your energy on that task and it will get done way before the deadline hits.  People will complain about been given such a short period of time to complete the task – but usually it will be done.  Remember to be reasonable and logical when assigning time periods to tasks.

Try your best to avoid last minute rushes.

Nothing is set in stone and crises will arise at the most inappropriate of times.  If you have kept to your schedule using the four tips we have given you above, you should be able to handle anything that may come across your desk in time.  When one of these unexpected moments arrive – it is always best to stop what you are doing and have a good look at what needs to be done.  As humans our first reaction is to panic, by taking time to look at what is happening – you will have a better vision of what to do next.

What are some of your techniques you use in the office to get things done before the deadlines start knocking?

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