Planning for success in 2019


With the holiday season upon us and the new year just around the corner, it is normally around this time of the year that many businesses start to think about goals for the year to come.  Are you considering expanding your products and services, or even hiring on some new people to help get your services and products out into the world?

During this time of the year, offices usually quieten down which gives you just enough breathing space you need to plan for the year ahead.  When planning for the next year – here is a list of things we at The OCI Group think you should start with to get the ball rolling:

Business Plan Update

As you already know, any successful business model has a business plan.

Not the kind that you keep stored in the back of your mind, but a physical one that is written down on a piece of paper and been made official.  If you do not have a business plan, now is the perfect time to get one set up.  Once you have a plan set in motion, review it and make all the adjustments needed.  By doing this, you will be able to stay focused on key activities that need to be undertaken to bring you success.

Here are some questions to help you get started

  • Financially – where is your business?
  • What do your current and anticipated business expenses look like?
  • How did you perform on last year’s goals?
  • What successes from this year can you build on for next year?

What are your competitors doing?

Once you have your business plan for the next year all set up and reviewed, you need to start looking outside of your company.  What outside factors will have an impact on your business going into the new year.  Remember to factor in Economic, political and competitive factors – these can all have a positive or negative effect on you and your business reaching your business goals.

By keeping up-to-date with local and international news, you will be able to determine the demand for the product/service you provide, and whether you will need to make provisions or improvements.

Revamp your online presence

Websites are becoming the most important aspect of any business.  Most websites are built when the business is started, and often fall by the wayside and are not maintained properly.  This could be a great source of potential leads and information for your company.  By using tools such as Google Analytics, it will answer questions like:

  • Where are your customers coming from?
  • What are they looking at?
  • What is the conversion level for visitors?

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for you to take the time and step back from your hectic work schedule.  Take this time to assess, adjust and implement new procedures that will help you with your day-to-day management of your business.

How are you getting ready for the new year?

Is your marketing ready for the upcoming holiday season?


The silly season is almost upon us and for most businesses it is one of the best times to showcase your products.  Unfortunately, planning for the festive season is sometimes forgotten and all the opportunities are missed.  For the best outcomes, you should identify your holiday marketing budget and begin planning well in advanced so that you don’t miss out on great opportunities.

Here are just some ideas to inspire your holiday marketing plan.

Social Promotions

Choose where you want to focus your promotions.  It could be in-store, online or even through social media, but you need to start developing these plans earlier on, you need to know what needs to be done for them to be successful.  Remember to include time for design, to secure ad placements as well as time for printing and setting up.

Email Marketing Lists

Databases are crucial when it comes to marketing.  Update your opt-in messages on your website, landing pages, social media channels and even in-store messages to include a message along the lines of “Sign up to our list now to grab our amazing holiday saving offers.”

Gift Incentives

Have a look at how you can repackage your existing products/services to make them look or feel like presents.  Gift cards are always a popular purchase during the holidays, but there are creative ways that you can give your customers products or services as gifts without it being the usual gift card idea.

Event ideas

If you plan to hold in-store specials or local events to promote your business, then you need to start planning and promoting them well in advance.  Remember it takes time to secure venues, décor, entertainment and staff.  Also have a look at the charities in your local community to find events your business could sponsor for a goodwill boost and some indirect promotion.

Partner with others

This is a perfect time to look in your network for another business you could pair your products/services with.  You could offer joint promotions or even co-host events in and around your local community.

The most important thing when it comes to promoting your business during the holiday season is to make sure everything you need for success is in place.  Whether it is printing, website changes, or event training staff to handle any situation that might come up.  The last thing that you want to happen is for your business to spend money unnecessarily because you were not prepared for a certain situation.

What marketing incentives will you be using this festive season?

These 3 Terrible Office Habits Will Kill Morale at Your Company


Working in a healthy working environment is largely dependent on the efficiency and health of the leadership.  Even though it is sometimes hard to believe, executives and employees are human too and they it is easy for them to get lost in their busy schedule rather that actively finding ways on how they can address the needs of their employees.  After all, who can set the atmosphere of a working environment of an organization but the leaders themselves.

If you want to be respected, well liked and effective, you should avoid some of these common mistakes that can directly have an impact on the morale of your employees:

  1. Trying Too Hard to Be Everywhere

As a leader, you are held responsible for overseeing the progress of all projects your team are managing. When you have new people in a team, it can be hard to let go of the reins and trust them completely to get things done the way you want them. Although it can be easy to check in with them often to make sure everything is running smoothly, you can end up inhibiting the productivity and creativity of the team.

  1. Not having time to Listen

Your daily schedule is already filled with important phone calls, emails, and deadlines to meet.  Some days it is easy to lose track of time and you end up neglecting your own needs, as well as the needs of your team.

You need to make sure that you build an office environment that welcomes originality and is considerate to the concerns of your employees.  Giving your team the chance to come up with new and better ways of completing important tasks can save your company time, resources and money in the long run.

  1. Forgetting to Say Thank You

As human beings, we have a need to feel appreciated and needed.  When you forget to acknowledge the great work of a person or a team effort, you can end up making your employees feel underappreciated, and it won’t be long until they go looking for work for somewhere else in an environment who will acknowledge their value.

Remember: Follow through. Be accountable. Say it and then deliver on it.

What are some of the ways you like to keep morale up in the office?

Do you need help setting up the reports that allows your business to be responsive to changes in the business environment – click here and let us help you!

Two important questions that every business owner MUST answer


One of the most important aspects of running a business is to have a solid grasp of the numbers.  Crunching numbers can seem daunting, but it is necessary to know important facts such as how much it costs you to produce the goods that you sell and whether your venture is profitable, or not.

1. Do you know what your operating costs are?

Operating costs are broken down into two parts; Fixed Costs & Variable costs.

Fixed costs are the payments which stay the same each month.  These costs include Rent, Depreciation, Insurance, Interest expense, Property taxes, and Office Salaries.

Variable costs are the payments that change with your sales each month. For example, sales commissions, production labor, and materials.

Once you’ve determined your operating costs, take the opportunity to assess the necessity of each cost or if there are ways to reduce them by seeking out new vendors or requesting bulk purchase discounts.

2. Do you know how much your company earns every month?

To run a business effectively, you need to know how much your company earns every month. This is done by subtracting your operating costs from your top line revenues.  Revenues are made up of accrued sales or cash receipts.

Where do you find the time for all this in your already busy schedule?  The OCI Group is here to help you with the tasks that you don’t have time or staff to deal with.

We can also help you to identify ways that your company can save money and increase its potential for growth.  Click here to find out more about how we can save you from a financial headache.

Time management tips: 3 top strategies to recharge and transform your time

time management

There are many books, blogs and articles out there telling you how to manage your time to make you more productive.  We are going to save you time and break it down into 3 simple tips that when put into practice will add the additional hours you need a day.

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Tips for workplace motivation


There are many times during the year that the workplace tends to get stressful and morale among employees starts to drop.  Once the morale starts to drop, motivation to get things done lowers and people stop being productive and no longer produce great results.  When this happens it is important to concentrate on keeping your employees motivated.

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5 Tips on managing deadlines


Being able to keep on top of your deadlines is very important as it is the first step in honing your skills and boosting your OWN productivity in the workplace.  Using self-inflicted deadlines will give you the edge and make you stand out of the crowd.  They will boost your creativity and your energy because you know you only have a certain amount of time to get the job done.

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5 Tips to help you de-stress for the holidays


With the end of the year holidays looming around the corner, not everyone is excited.  The gloomy weather and upcoming family visits are just some of the things that can add unnecessary stress.  In the winter season, symptoms of stress and depression may increase due to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Whether you are one of the millions who struggle with SAD or the winter blues, here are some tips to help you avoid or alleviate this kind of stress and depression that comes with the holidays.

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In today’s busy world full of distractions, traffic jams and office issues, we are left with so few hours in a day to get things done properly.  Here are some ways that you can improve your productivity at work by worker smarter and not harder.

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Why Is It So Important to Deal with Stress?


There are two kinds of stress in the world – the good and the bad.  When you let the bad kind of stress take over, you put yourself at risk of developing a range of illnesses which include anything from the common cold to severe heart disease.

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