Time management tips: 3 top strategies to recharge and transform your time

time management

There are many books, blogs and articles out there telling you how to manage your time to make you more productive.  We are going to save you time and break it down into 3 simple tips that when put into practice will add the additional hours you need a day.

1: Make lists and use them.

Making a list of things that you have to do is the number one method for saving time across the board.  By putting everything down – you will be able to have a clear picture of what needs to be done and when.  There are many lists you should be keeping.  What kind of lists can you not live without? Here are two lists that you should be keeping:

  1. Schedule: The entire year, day by day, including holidays, weekends and special events.
  2. Plain To-Do list: This is a list which is organized by month, week and day and all tasks have been prioritized correctly.

2: Minimize meeting time. 

One of the biggest time wasters is unimportant meetings.  It is important to catch up with the team and find out how the tasks are going – but some things can be said via email, phone, conference call or a simply Project Management Software.  By minimizing the time that you will spend in meetings, you will find that a lot of people get things done quicker.

3: Block out time.

Just like you book times for meetings, conferences and other appointments, you need to block out time during the day or month to complete tasks.  Some people take Mondays and make them their admin days.  They spend the entire day catching up with paperwork or any other admin that may have occurred during the last week.  By blocking out time to do these tasks, distractions will be minimized and you will get tasks done in a timely fashion, allowing you more time to get things done!

These are just some of the tips you can use to save yourself time during the week.  There are many, many other tips – but these three will get you on the road to success.

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