Keeping yourself Organized is the foundation for business success.

business success

Although some people like to work in complete and utter chaos, a recent survey showed that over 80% of small businesses in America believed that having an organized office is a critical factor to their business’s success.

Disorganization can lead to important details getting lost in the clutter, meaning you will waste time putting out fires that you could have essentially avoided if you had a bit of organization set up in the office.

To help you avoid this kind of problem, we at The OCI Group have come up with some easy ways to keep yourself and your business organized for success.

  1. Write down your Procedures

Every successful business has their procedures written down so that everyone is literally on the same page when they need to complete a task.  Obviously, you cannot have a procedure for EVERYTHING you do in the office but having the most important ones written down will help with organization.

  1. Have everything condensed and consolidated

Being well organized is more than just cleaning up the visible clutter in and around your office, it is also about having procedures and tools in place so that your business runs as effectively and efficiently as possible.  There are quite a few affordable tools that are available for businesses to stay organized, you just need to find the ones that are suitable for your business.

An important factor to note, don’t have too many tools and procedures, you know the saying – too many cooks spoil the broth – the same comes to using too many tools to streamline your business.  Using and implementing too many can cause confusion, making your business less efficient and more disorganized.

  1. Keep that inbox clean!

Emails are one of the biggest time wasters.  A survey completed by Carleton University found that people spend a third of their time on email alone – put that into hours and its 11.7 hours a week you could be using to get things done.  Unsubscribe from those newsletters, organize your email into folders, and use categories and rules to help you keep your inbox under control.

Other useful tip that we learnt early on, is to schedule time during your day to tend to your emails.  Once this time is over, close your email and start on the new task.  Emails can be a horrible distraction when you are busy on a busy task.

  1. Keep Projects deadlines under control

Any business, whether big or small, is juggling more than one project at a time.  Keeping track of the status of these projects can become time consuming and frustrating if other team members do not communicate effectively or meet their deadlines.

To stay on top of everything, simplify the way you communicate with project team members to help everyone stay on the same page.  By finding a system that works best for your business, can help you share documents and keep everyone in the loop.

As you can see, staying organized takes more than just a spring clean and keeping your filing up to date.  At the end of the day organization is critical to business success and having clearly defined procedures and proper systems in place is half the battle won.

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