Why goal setting is so important to your success in 2019

goal setting

At the beginning of every year, people are planning how they are going to achieve success during the year ahead of them.

Are you the kind of person who thinks that goal setting is a useful tool, but you never really have the time or energy to sit down and get everything written down on paper?  Maybe you just don’t see the benefits of what goal setting can do for you or your business?

We believe that once you see some of the many benefits goal setting has for you, you might change you mind and schedule that time to get those goals set up.

To start you on your goal setting journey, here are just SOME of the benefits you can enjoy when you set up your goals correctly.

  1. Gain a better focus

When you set up your goals, you are essentially confirming what it is that you want to gain or do.  These are the things you really want to achieve.  It may be learning a new skill to add to your resume, or it could be increased sales for your business.

  1. Proper use of resources

Resources can become very expensive when they are not used properly and are essentially wasted.  Having goals set in place will help you prioritise and plan, allowing you to put the resources you have behind what you really want to do.

  1. Gain extra hours

Time is a very valuable resource, and because it is so important it deserves a special kind of attention.  In order to manage your time properly, and essentially save time, you need to stop doing the things that don’t need to be done.  Setting up goals and how you will achieve them can do this for you.

  1. Better Decision Making

Because you have already set up what you want to achieve, this means you can start asking yourself, “by doing this task, does it get me any closer to my goals?”

  1. Proper Measurement

When you properly set up goals, remember to make them SMART (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Based), this will help you measure your success and how effectively you are moving towards achieving them.

  1. Better Communication

Now that you have what you want written down, and how you are going to achieve these goals, it will be easier to communicate with your colleagues and employees and essentially get the support that you need to successfully attain the bigger picture you have in your mind.

I am sure you will agree that these benefits are a good reason to start setting up proper goals, make sure you revisit them every month to make sure you are still on the right path to achieving what you want for yourself and your business.

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