5 benefits of using a co-working space


In the business world today, you can see a definite increase in the amount of freelancers, contract workers and “work-from-home” people.  To help these individuals succeed, other bright minds came up with the idea of co-working spaces.

Co-working is an office-sharing arrangement between individuals and small businesses.  On a formal point, a business owner who owns or leases large office space to others, as well as renting desk and office space to freelancers, telecommuters or even the busy business traveler.

So why should you consider Co-working?

1. Reduced your Stress levels

Many work-from-home people have difficulty in leaving their work at the office and it is a lot easier when you actually have an office to leave. Working from home can be particularly stressful if you don’t have a separate room for an office.

2. Less distractions

Sitting in Coworking spaces minimizes all the distractions you would from a home office.  Getting rid of the constant distractions can turn your 12 hour work day into a 7 hour work day.

3. You get to meet like-minded individuals

Working from home can become incredibly lonely, even if you do have many distractions.  Coworking spaces allow you to interact with like-minded individuals who can in turn help you with ideas!

4. It gives you that professional look

Everyone wants to look professional.  Having a meeting with a potential client in your lounge room is not ideal.  Coworking spaces offer meeting rooms which will set the stage for you to impress future clients and partners.

5. Someone else takes care of the place

Coworking spaces assume the responsibility of the upkeep of the offices.  This is a huge time, stress and cost saver for any entrepreneur.

If you are looking for a cool coworking space, we found this to be a great help!

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